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    Tinsbury 4-Drawers Chest in Mocha Shine
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Where to buy a glossy chest of drawers?

In this section, there is only glossy bedroom furniture. In the online furniture store "Fromthemakers.co.uk" you will find models with glossy, lacquered and reflective surfaces. The truly bright and modern chest of drawers will become the most attractive subject of your interior. Do not waste time looking for furniture that is already in front of you.

High Gloss Chest of Drawers – a Sparkling Highlight of the Interior

Glossy chests are distinguished by a smooth shiny surface. This effect manufacturers achieve in many ways. Some models from the array are polished to shine, for others varnishes and enamels are used. High gloss chests of drawers from MDF or chipboard during production are covered with various laminated elements. Surfaces, lined with glossy acrylic plastic, differ in rich shades and almost a mirror shine.

The chest of drawers with shiny facades attract attention. The design, the shape of such models are quite laconic, all attention is focused on color and brilliance. The relief facades shine with their faces with multiple forces. Such furniture looks respectable and without additional decor. For this reason, most glossy chests use a drawer opening system ("Push to Open").

Glossy bedroom storage

The dressers for the bedroom must have large enough capacious drawers. They are easy to open, they are convenient to use every day. Here you can store clothes and other stuff. The number of drawers, the dimensions of such furniture depends only on your desire. 

High gloss chests of drawers in the bedroom are appropriate to supplement the mirror - sometimes it can be supplied together with furniture. If you pick up a comfortable height, then it is acceptable to use a similar model as a dressing table. Combine the interior with glossy and opaque facades, so as not to overload the bedroom with excessive shine.

Glossy chests of drawers for living room

Glossy chests, designed for the living room, can be used as a TV cabinet for TV equipment. In this case, it is important to determine correctly the height of the furniture, because the screen should be at eye level. Unlike the models for the bedroom, such a copy can include not only drawers, but sections with doors, niches, shelves. The dressers for the living room can be narrower and less roomy – it all depends on what exactly you plan to store inside.

Glossy surfaces are attractive, but they should not be too much. Stop on neutral colors – black, white, grey, chocolate. Such furniture is perfect for modern style interior trends – high-tech, modern, futurism. If you choose not just a glossy, but also a color model, make the background walls and the floor muted. A bright model with or without a picture will feel great not only in the frivolous pop art, but also in moderate minimalism. For a retro-style setting (Provence, Shabby-chic, Country), choose a lacquered wooden chest of drawers on the legs.