Kids & Toddler Mattresses

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A good night's sleep is a vital part of every child's development, and choosing the right mattress
can support their growth, mood and physical development.
Comfort is not the only consideration when buying a new mattress, durability, impacts on health,
airflow are all key to a good night's sleep!
Ideally your mattress should adapt too and support a child's growth; during sleep the body goes
into repair mode, a good night's rest supports the active lifestyle of a child.
It's recommended a child sleeps 8-12 hours a night, a child's mattress must be supportive,
durable, comfortable and ideally waterproof.
With waterproofing it's also worth considering a mattress protector, for that bit extra, and to
consider the material it's made of and level of absorbance.
Popular childrens mattress types are usually;
● Pocket Sprung
● European Standard
● Open Coil
● Memory Foam
● Memoflex
● Superior Sprung
This is because they often offer the best support in terms of growth, comfort and durability -
increasing the life of your purchase.
We offer a variety of children's and babies mattresses with specifications flexible to your
Our products are with highly-elastic foam, increasing their lifespan and comfort, and
polyurethane foam excellent for thermal insulation and guaranteed comfort, which is great for
providing support for the spine and more delicate skeletal structures.
We’re also keen on natural products and our manufacturer provides mattresses containing
coconut fibres and buckwheat, allowing for natural airflow and also anti-allergen benefits.

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