About us


We are a experienced team passionate for furniture design. We have been working in the online retail sector for over 10 years. In that time we have built up the experience and knowledge on how to make an online store run smoothly and hassle free for our customers. We are not a massive corporation that treats customers like cattle, we want to be your furniture partner and help you to find the perfect furniture for your home.


Fromthemakers core values


1. Exceptional customer service

We want every single customer to be happy with our service and furniture. This is our most important value. If for whatever reason you are not happy and you feel our staff are not helping please email me direct to md (at) Fromthemakers.co.uk and I will sort it out. We know that without happy customers a furniture store will not survive as we rely heavily on word of mouth referrals. The furniture market is getting more and more difficult so we aim to stand out from the crowd not only for the quality of our furniture, but also for the service we provide.

2. Hassle free shopping

We aim to make all the product information as clear as possible and not to hide any important information so no hidden bad surprises. A lot of our furniture is unique and made to order so if for example it will take 3 weeks to be delivered then we will let you know that before you order by making it very clear on the product page. But the real icing on the cake, 7 days no quibble refunds with FREE collections! So if whatever reason you are not happy with your item (unless of course you have spilt all your dinner on it or set it on fire or something!) just let us know and we will come and collect it for free and give you a full refund with no restocking fee.

3. High quality European furniture

Have you noticed that a lot of people's furniture is starting to look the same? I bought a sofa from Argos a few years back and I have seen it so many times in other people's houses! The market has been flooded with cheap low quality from China that looks ok in the pictures but when you get it home suddenly looks a bit naff. If you stood one of our high quality European pieces next to a Chinese import you would then see they are very different. 100% of our furniture is carefully hand made in Europe with NO Chinese imports. Buying the right furniture is important, you will probably be looking at it and using it every single day.

4. Beautiful fabrics

Our high quality fabrics are sourced from the best factories in Italy and Spain. Any of our upholstered furniture can be personalised with our selection of beautiful fabrics at no extra cost. Just select your furniture and then select your fabric on the product page.

5. Affordable

European high quality furniture does not have to cost the earth and with our 0% interest finance we make it even easier. By making savings elsewhere we can dramatically reduce the price. Ok, so hand made furniture like this will never be quite as cheap as a piece of furniture bulk made in the thousands in a factory in China, but by cutting out all the middle men, reducing overheads, not having expensive showrooms and not paying staff big commissions we can certainly get it pretty close. We believe for the slightly more expensive prices you will be far happier living with one of our higher quality peices compared to saving a few pounds on a lower quality item.